Geo-Blog: New survey of the Helsinki–Tallinn railway tunnel route

Kimmo Alvi, Geologist
Ossi Ikävalko, Senior Specialist
Keijo Nenonen, Chief Expert, Science and Innovations

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) conducted acoustic-seismic surveys of the possible routes  for an undersea railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn. The report was commissioned by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (Figure 1). The survey provided a detailed overview of the geological structure of the sea floor basement and deposits between Finland and Estonia. The […]

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Improving the food security of Ethiopia through geosciences

Chernet Tegist, Senior Research Scientist

Along with an ever increasing population, the vast soil degradation due to soil acidity causing insufficient crop production appears to be a substantial challenge facing Ethiopia. Based on lessons learned and experiences gained from a previous project (2014-2015), this project is scaling up the lime resource survey and farm trials focusing on the Oromia Region, […]

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